The FabLab of the Regione Lazio

The first regional FabLab created in 2015 with the aim of promoting the Lazio Region through innovation and technology



The FabLab created by Regione Lazio in 2015 is located in Bracciano, Latina, Rome, Rieti, Ferentino and Viterbo.

It was funded in 2015 by ERDF ROP (2007-2013)  through a project – STAArT Up (Supporting Tools for Audiovisual and Artistic Upgrade) – promoted by the Department of Culture and Youth Policy of the Regione Lazio.
The FabLab Latina was financed in 2016 by Regional Law 35/90.
FabLab Rieti and FabLab Ferentino are financed by regional funds, under the project “Spaces equipped, strengthening and development FabLab Lazio” (“Spazi attrezzati, potenziamento e sviluppo FabLab Lazio”) of the Plan “Creative Lazio ” (Piano “Lazio Creativo”).

In the FabLab, members can use sophisticated equipment and advanced technologies, to realize their project.

FabLab Bracciano is specialized in “agri-food” and “food innovation“;

FabLab Latina is configurated as multidisciplinary laboratory;

FabLab Rome is specialized in supporting the creative industry;

FabLab Rieti is specialized in sectors of the electronics, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability;

FabLab Ferentino is specialized in the fields of mechanics and automation systems.

FabLab Viterbo is created to support the preservation of the cultural heritage.

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We promote cooperation, sharing, networking, and the constant updating of people united by a single passion: technological innovation.

We love thinking our workshop/coworking as a place where we can make available to everyone the realization of “custom made” objects, tearing down economic and technological barriers connected to the use of hi-tech machinery.

But our task is not just offering production opportunities. Our vision goes well beyond the production of physical objects. Users of our FabLabs have access to training sessions and courses on digital production and to a wider education program aimed at further increasing their talents.

Production and Prototyping

We support innovative projects helping young entrepreneurs in modeling and prototyping their products. The FabLab is equipped with the most advanced tools and work benches; it is also a meeting space and a place where you can share your ideas with other Makers, receiving support and suggestions by other members.

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A large know-how hub

We connect people able to develop complex projects with companies or individuals requiring their skills, just like a hub of expertise, where the members can meet up and come together to give life to new products.

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Caring and Project-sharing

“We turn projects into objects” by sharing ideas, experiences and working spaces. The FabLab equipment is available to all users. Projects are also included within an internal network that will give the opportunity to each Maker to contribute to other people’s ideas realizing low-cost functional prototypes.

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Training courses, seminars, workshops

We have planned training courses dedicated to design, making and assembling of new products. Courses will be divided into seminars, basic courses, specialized courses, workshops and tutorials.

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The widespread FabLab powered by Regione Lazio is the place for those who have an idea or project waiting to turn into reality, the place for those who are looking for a development team or simply want to deepen their knowledge or share their experience with other Makers.


Are you a student? You can use the FabLab for research, developing your project in a cooperative environment, where you can share experiences with other members and create your product using high quality rapid prototyping machinery.

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Talented people

Are You a talented creative mind? Don’t miss the opportunity to get in touch with experts to realize your ideas!

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No matter if you’re an entrepreneur already on the market or a startupper, the FabLab gives you direct access to its equipment and hi-tech devices that will help you in the development of your business.

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Maker, designer, or simply a curious DIY fan, you will find within our FabLab a stimulating environment with equipped work benches, innovative machinery and a whole world of fun if you love electronics, rapid prototyping and 3D modeling!